Curious Vines has launched its first Master of Wine support programme aimed at women who are studying for the qualification. 

Curious Vines works to address gender inequality in the wine industry. Established by Queena Wong, the platform is furthering its work to support women in wine by offering three MW scholarships as part of the programme. 

The scholarships are: six hours of one-to-one tuition provided by Natasha Hughes MW, practical paper tuition conducted by Martin Hudson MW and a blind tasting bootcamp which includes two mock exams set by MWs. The scholarship judging panel is comprised of Hudson, Hughes and Queena Wong.

The programme is financially supported by the Gérard Basset Foundation, with trustee Romané Basset saying that academic support is “essential in providing women in the wine industry with surety, purpose and inspiration”.

Those interested in applying for a scholarship can email for further details. The application deadline is January 28 at 22.59 GMT.