How vodka is finding new fans - analysis

Innovation in vodka showcasing provenance and quality is pulling consumers back into the category. Nigel Huddleston reports

The new fortified fans - Sherry and Port analysis

Christmas is always a bumper time for sherry and port, but with innovation bringing in more consumers, the upcoming festive season is promising to be particularly bountiful. Rob Brown reports.

What's driving the swing back to Old World wines?

Consumers have become more willing to embrace Old World alternatives to the most popular New World wine styles. Nigel Huddleston reports on what has driven the swing back to Europe

Jeff Evans: The resurgence of British lager

Around 20 years ago, I was asked to contribute a chapter on British lager to Beer Glorious Beer, a collection of essays collated by the British Guild of Beer Writers.

Millar's Tale: Are 'traditional' and 'modern' useful wine terms?

If you’re a lover of the wines of Barolo, as I am, the two words you learn after Nebbiolo are traditionalist and modernist.

Millar's Tale: A Question of Cake

As a child I could never really understand the saying: “You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

Jeff Evans: Ad makes a virtue out of freshness

Camden Town’s recent TV commercial provides an interesting diversion from traditional ad campaigns for beer.

Nielsen Insight: What to expect from beer sales during the Euros

Nielsen client delivery team leader Rob Hallworth looks at the prospects for the off-trade as sporting fixtures return.

Nielsen Insight: Unlocking consumption in 2021

Nielsen client delivery team leader Rob Hallworth delves into how shoping behaviour has changed throughout lockdown.

Millar's Tale: Zooming out

A year ago, on March 12 2020, my company hosted our last tasting of the year. The theme, chosen in December, was 'Party Fizz for Spring'. Four days later, the streets were empty.

Jeff Evans: Is Cardiff brewery using its Brains?

Recent events concerning the Brains brewery in Cardiff have been painful to watch.

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