RTD category is all grown up

The term ready-to-drink hardly seems adequate these days to describe a category that has fractured and fragmented into almost as many style variations as there are brands.

Spicing up the rum category

Highlighting the spicy notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla in rum should be a more approachable flavour push for retailers than the traditional gin botanicals of juniper, orris root and angelica.

Careers that breed passion

There are a multitude of roles and career paths in the drinks industry but the idea of moving into the sector for the first time, or shifting across or upwards into a new role, might seem challenging, particularly in an industry that promotes and thrives on well-established relationships.

Nielsen Insight: Unlocking consumption in 2021

Nielsen client delivery team leader Rob Hallworth delves into how shoping behaviour has changed throughout lockdown.

Millar's Tale: Zooming out

A year ago, on March 12 2020, my company hosted our last tasting of the year. The theme, chosen in December, was 'Party Fizz for Spring'. Four days later, the streets were empty.

Jeff Evans: Is Cardiff brewery using its Brains?

Recent events concerning the Brains brewery in Cardiff have been painful to watch.

Nielsen Insight: A Christmas like no other

It’s fair to say Christmas was different in 2020.

Millar's Tale: January Blues

I used to quite like January.

Jeff Evans: Finding balance by holding back

One of the defining characteristics of the craft beer revolution has been a relentless emphasis on flavour.

Nielsen Insight: Understanding your shopper

Anyone who has been into a supermarket in the eight months since the British public were first instructed to stay at home would agree that the shopping experience has changed significantly.

Millar's Tale: Lockdown 2.0

Back in May (which feels like two years ago) I took the opportunity to reflect on the positive aspects to be taken from the initial lockdown, highlighting the strengths inherent in more traditional independent retail business models and supply chains.

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