Lanchester Wines has launched a new service to support independent wine merchants.

The wine supplier said it has created “Boutique Bulk” to help support indies with targeted promotions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boutique Bulk is Lanchester Wines’ programme of premium and specialist wines shipped in bulk and bottled in the UK. The company has created a specialised portfolio of its products, including many of its boutique bulk range of specialised, smaller volume wines aimed at developing a premium product offering.

The company said: “We have created a new category for wines produced from smaller volume, premium and more eclectic parcels of bulk wine delivered in innovative packaging, which can command higher margins.”

The new portfolio also includes craft beers from Full Circle Brew Co alongside Dragon Tree Kombucha and Bottle ‘n’ Bar gifts from Lanchester Gifts.

Lanchester Wines’ director of sales, Mark Roberts, said: “As an independent, family-owned business, we very much empathise with the uncertainty this global situation has created, both for individuals and our industry as a whole. The UK Government has classified food production and supply chain as essential services, with off licences and licensed stores to stay open.

“Our warehouses are full and we have plenty of product to keep you stocked. We will continue to service your shops and stores until we are told we can’t.”