Majestic Wine has lowered the price of its entire spirit range and removed the two-tier pricing on the category.

The move is designed to help appeal to a “new generation of craft” and particularly local spirit drinkers, in response to the 620% increase in UK distilleries since 2010.

The activity is the first stage in a review of range and trading by the newly-appointed buying and merchandising director, Robert Cooke.

Majestic stocks more than 330 spirits across its store network, of which 60% are from small and local producers. The latter are often stocked in just one or two branches, local to the producer. The retailer’s range has grown rapidly over the past few years and it now boasts 180 gins alone from distilleries as far apart as Cornwall (Tarquin’s) and Inverness (Badachro).

Cooke, who joined Majestic from Tesco in April, believes the move will help cement Majestic as a go-to for craft spirits and events.

He said: “Majestic rode the craft spirit movement at its infancy, helping to pair-up thousands of customers with some really authentic, exceptional products.

“Our store teams do an amazing job of introducing their customers to a huge variety of local and international gins, vodkas, rums, whiskies and more – but having to buy a further five bottles to receive a discount is often a disincentive. This move fixes that issue, and makes Majestic’s spirits shelves truly open to all.”