The UK may have spent the whole of April 2020 in lockdown but the spectacular weather throughout the month, alongside early signs of interest in Majestic Wine’s revamped wine ranges, helped drive sales of the retailer’s rosé wines.

Rosé is one of the five key categories Majestic decided to concentrate on for its range review in 2020 and the retailer expects sales to increase further as we move fully into the summer months.

Joe Aylmer, Majestic’s rosé wine buyer, said the retailer’s portfolio of pink wines is now 30% bigger than before and while Provence remains a key focus, he has also found wines to represent many other regions.

He says: “My key focus going into this review was to bring more choice to our customers across the board, and recapture that sense of prestige which comes with fantastic rosés. It’s a really exciting time for the category with the ‘instagram generation’ infatuated.”

Italy, Spain, Portugal and England have all been represented in Majestic’s enhanced rosé spotlight.

Aylmer adds: “The conditions for rosé winemaking in England make it a really exciting new frontier for our customers. And we’ve already seen growing interest in other Old World countries over recent years. Portugal is one I’m particularly excited about, as the perception begins to shift from dark and sweet to pale, light and fresh.

“Beyond blush, Italy too is starting to grow its audience for the Chiaretto style – and there’s some fantastic moves towards organic and innovative winemaking here as well. Across Europe the quality and range now on offer is jaw dropping. And, of course, we’re always looking to work with new suppliers across France too, including Majestic customers turned producers: Mirabeau.”

Majestic has also unveiled a number of New World rosés from growth areas such as New Zealand, South America and Australia.

“This is an area of our range which has been completely missing for a number of years, so I’m really pleased to see pinks coming in from across the New World too. There’s some fantastic wines here for our customers to discover.”

The list of new rosé wines includes: LB7 Rosé 2019, Lisboa (rsp: £7.99 Mix Six or £8.99 per bottle); Simpson’s Wine Estate Rosé (rsp: £11.99 Mix Six or £14.99 per bottle); and Mirabeau Pure Rosé 2019 (rsp: 14.99 Mix Six or £16.99 per bottle).