Majestic Wine said it is “optimistic that supplies will not run out of our favourite bottles in the weeks to come”, despite recording a huge surge in demand for wine over the weekend.

The wine retailer said customers have been filling their racks with wine from across Europe, ahead of any potential disruption to supply lines caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Others in the industry have already expressed their concerns about European wine supplies.

Wine wholesaler Daniel Lambert Wines tweeted yesterday that it is unlikely to be able to restock its European wine supplies because it had been advised by two suppliers that France will be closing down traffic and warehouses. In the tweet it said: “So as all our EU wine passes via France it is what it is. So folks, what we have here is what we have.”

Majestic said it has seen “unprecedented demand” for wines from key regions, such as Italy and France, which saw increases of 44% and 68% respectively over the last seven days.

There were also big peaks for English wine (up 124%), sparkling wine (up 34%), sherry (up 114%) and brandy (up 54%).

It said it was closely following government guidance, including asking customers to wash hands before handling bottles, putting in place extra hygiene measures across stores and ramping up its free delivery service, which has seen a tripling of demand over the last week.

It has also suspended in-store tastings.

Majestic chief executive, John Colley, said: “Putting the safety of everyone connected with Majestic first and foremost is our number one priority. We are closely following the advice from the government, NHS and Public Health England, to ensure we are putting the correct measures in place across the country.

“Clearly customers are making sure their wine racks don’t go overlooked, with the prospect of more time at home increasingly likely.

“Rest assured, however, we have worked closely with our fantastic supply base, and have brought forward our summer inventory across the country. We are confident that we will have the capacity to meet the increase in demand.”