As Majestic looks to expand its physical presence in the UK, the retailer is promising a year’s worth of wine to customers who help it locate new sites.

According to Majestic, visits to physical stores are “consistently surpassing pre-pandemic levels” despite consumer concerns over the cost of living crisis. Click and collect orders have also “grown 400% compared to 2019”, with customers in the North supposedly leading the return to in-person shopping in Majestic stores.

After opening two new stores in Haywards Heath and Godalming earlier this month, Majestic has shared a list of 76 locations across the UK in which it hopes to set up shop, 29 of which are within the M25. 

Customers are being encouraged to share potential locations with Majestic, and if a store is opened in the location provided, the customer will have six bottles of wine delivered monthly. Locations are required to meet a handful of criteria such as proximity to a main road and suitable parking availability. 

For a full list of locations, click here.