JF Hillebrand is expanding its UK business. The ultimate logistics partner works with retailers to fine wine merchants regardless of their size or logistical requirement.

It already accounts for a significant share of the wine imports market, and hopes to consolidate its position by targeting any companies with whom it is not yet working.

It is also committed to working closely with its existing customers to remove uncertainty from the supply chain, reduce stock levels and decrease working capital.

Sébastien Desreumaux, who took over as UK Managing Director last year, told DRN: “We are the axis of the trade and for people not yet working with us we need to demonstrate the value we can bring.

“We want a collaborative approach with our customers to unlock value through stock reduction and increase product availability. We are in a challenging environment and every company needs to be more efficient and cost-effective.

“Whatever the size of the customer we add value, allowing our clients to concentrate on producing, buying, selling and marketing their products – we can take care of the rest. ‘We manage all the logistics for you and make your business more competitive and scalable. That’s my commitment to the trade.”

JF Hillebrand employs 230 people in the UK, has a turnover of £170 million and moves 125,000 containers a year, with bases in Thurrock, Southampton, Glasgow and Dover.

“We have something unique, based on years of experience, both in import and export countries in cased and bulk cargo.

“We have to make sure that, despite having that knowledge we never become complacent.

“We have a fantastic legacy based on excellence in execution and efficiency and we can move any product from any country to any market. Last Christmas we moved 21 million bottles of Prosecco -a great achievement.”

Porter & Laker

JF Hillebrand has appointed Helen Chesshire as Business Development Manager to streamline Porter & Laker, its’ fine wine and spirits division.

Chesshire said she feels privileged to work with Chris Porter on the new project.

Desreumaux said: “She will be the face of Porter & Laker to the industry to make sure we are continuing to support and add value to this very vibrant and creative part of the trade.”