Britain drank a third of all the Prosecco produced last year, which is more than any other nation in the world.

The amount of Prosecco consumed by Britons last year was 112.7 million bottles (36% of the total production), according to the official body for the 
wine – the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC – and it remains the number one export market.

For the past few years the amount consumed in the UK has increased by 30%-40% each year, according to the director of Prosecco DOC Consorzio, Luca Gavi.

He told DRN: “We estimate that the market will continue to grow in the UK this year but at a slower rate of around 6% or 7%, due to the uncertain economic and political landscape and Brexit.

“A huge quantity of our product goes to the UK market but our mission now is to improve the value and the perception of the product. We have lots of different types
of Prosecco and we want consumers to recognise there are premium options.”

While the UK market accounted for 36% of all Prosecco produced last year, the second market, Italy, consumed 25%. Sales in Italy are also expected to grow in the year ahead, by 4%-6%.

“It is remarkable because only three years ago the UK was the third export market behind Germany and the US, and Italy was the leading market overall,” said Gavi.

The consortium, which is made up of 356 sparkling wine producers, was set up in 2009
 to safeguard the quality of the wine being produced, while developing and promoting the product globally. Only bottles marked with a DOC seal can be o cially considered as Prosecco.

Consortium president Stefano Zanette, said: “The consortium is working hard, alongside 
our producers, to grow our markets globally and we warmly welcome increased demand.

“Since receiving DOC status, we have been able to increase volumes consistently every year, ful lling the growing appetite from consumers for our wines.”

The consortium is also focusing on sustainability and its ultimate goal is a certi cation of sustainability for the entire denomination.