It is clear that many consumers will happily pay more for a product if it is environmentally friendly. As a result, producers have tried to jump on the bandwagon and position themselves as sustainable when this is not always the case. Here’s how to spot a brewer that is genuinely doing the right thing: 

1. Transparency and accountability: Look for brewers who openly share information about their sustainability practices, such as energy consumption, water usage, waste management and sourcing of ingredients. Companies that are truly committed to sustainability will often provide detailed reports to back up their claims. 

2. Certifications and standards: Pay attention to certifications and standards related to sustainability. These designations indicate that a brewer has met specific criteria for environmental and social responsibility, providing assurance of their commitment to sustainability. 

3. Track record and long-term commitment: Evaluate a brewer’s track record in sustainability. Companies that have been actively implementing sustainable practices for years and have concrete goals for future improvements are more likely to be genuinely committed to environmental stewardship. 

4. Supply chain transparency: Assess the transparency of a brewer’s supply chain. Brewers that prioritise sustainability often have initiatives in place to ensure ethical sourcing of ingredients and support for local farmers and communities. They may also have partnerships or collaborations with sustainable suppliers. 

5. Engagement with stakeholders: Look for brewers that actively engage with stakeholders – including employees, customers, and local communities – on sustainability issues. Companies that solicit feedback, participate in sustainability initiatives, and communicate openly with stakeholders are more likely to be genuine in their commitment to sustainability. 

6. Consistency in actions and messaging: Pay attention to consistency between a brewer’s actions and messaging regarding sustainability. Beware of greenwashing, where companies exaggerate or misrepresent their environmental efforts for marketing purposes. Genuine commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through consistent actions aligned with stated values and goals. 

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, retailers can better identify brewers that are genuinely committed to sustainability and distinguish them from those who merely pay lip service to environmental concerns.