Green Times Brewing has revealed a number of new CBD-infused beers, including the Green Heathen, a 7.2% abv beer which it created in partnership with Northern Monk.

The beer, which was initially launched in 2019 in keg format, was introduced in cans earlier this month. The initial batch sold out within a number of days.

The brewer also recently introduced its CBD alcohol-free IPA as well as a limited-edition draft CBD Juicy Pale Ale.
The CBD Alcohol-free IPA, at 0.5% abv, is made using a unique THC-free water-soluble CBD formulation, like all of Green Times Brewing’s beers. The beer is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Co-founder and managing director, Thierry Florit, said: “We are so excited to add the new alcohol-free IPA to our range despite the challenging condition to launch a new product. It has been really well received at BrewLDEN earlier this year, where it was initially introduced to trade visitors and the general public.

“At a time like this, when people’s stress levels are high, a CBD beer – with or without alcohol – can be a great way to have a truly relaxing time and unwind.”

The producer has also introduced new branding with the strapline “Naturally chilled”.

CBD is a non-psychoactive organic compound found in the cannabis plant and a popular health supplement taken daily by over six million people in the UK for a variety of reasons – ranging from mood enhancement to relaxation and pain relief.

Green Times Brewing CBD beer “High Flyer”, which it claims was a UK-first back in 2018, has a combination of citrus and tropical aromas, with a “slight dank cannabis finish”.

The producer’s range of products are available via Eebria trade.