At-a-glance guide to all the country’s vineyards released after three years of work

The origins of Austrian wine, including single vineyards (Rieden), can now be seen at a glance. Following three years of groundwork, Austrian Wine has launched a digital atlas of wine origins at This is also the world’s first digital wine atlas covering an entire wine-producing country.

Where does the Austrian wine in my glass come from? now provides the answer to this question – with unprecedented simplicity and precision.

This site brings together all of Austria’s legally defined wine origins on a single interactive map – from the bottom level, where a wine’s origin is simply defined as being Austrian, through to the next levels of the country’s 27 wine-producing regions and 458 wine-producing municipalities, to the top level of origin, where wines originate from one of the highly revered single vineyards (Rieden), of which there are more than 4,300 in Austria.

DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT MORE THAN 4,300 SINGLE VINEYARDS provides descriptions and data about all levels of origin – and the smaller the designated origin, the more detailed the information. Every single vineyard (Ried) description contains information about the area under vine, elevation, incline, orientation, average temperature, precipitation and sunshine hours, for example, which are key parameters for determining the quality and characteristic flavour of a wine.

The Steiermark (Styria) single vineyards are still in the process of being officially defined, but they should be ready to be added to the platform by the end of the year. will be continually updated to reflect the latest legal developments within the wine industry.

From left to right: Johannes Schmuckenschlager (Chairman of the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association), Susanne Ertler-Staggl (Austrian Vineyards project manager, Austrian Wine), Chris Yorke (CEO, Austrian Wine)


The launch of marks a pioneering milestone within the international wine industry. No other wine-producing country has ever catalogued all the origins of its wines and presented them in such a detailed manner.
Alongside the digital version, new single vineyard maps of all winegrowing regions are now available in printed form, showing all legally defined single vineyards. The level of detail and cartographic standards also represent a milestone for the Austrian wine industry.


The atlas at and the printed maps are the result of three years of intense collaboration with the Department of Geography & Regional Research at the University of Vienna and the firm Plan+Land. The Austrian wine industry now has revolutionary, first-class tools for helping it to secure the success of its origin marketing.