Jeroboams has revealed plans for its first ever own-label range alongside news of the opening of its revamped Pont Street store, which now houses a dedicated fine wine room.

The Jeroboams own-label range will initially launch with a Rioja Reserva, a White Burgundy, a Red Bordeaux and a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The retailer’s Layton’s Champagne brand is also being revamped with new labelling to fit into this range, although it will retain its Layton’s name.

Peter Mitchell MW, wine director, told DRN: “The range will be pitched at a higher price than some drinks retailer own-label wine ranges which have been launched recently. We decided to start with a small range from family-run producers that we already have good relationships with and if they go well we will look at what else we can add.”

Most of the range will be available in stores before Christmas but the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will join the line-up after the festive season. The wines will be priced at £10 to £15 per bottle.

“We wanted to introduce our own range in order to be able to offer something that is very good for the price; customers can see it is of a good enough quality because we are prepared to put our name on it.”

Mitchell added that it also gave producers a chance to supply Jeroboams with a wine from a different price point in their wine portfolios.

He explained: “The single vineyard Bordeaux Blanc is a lower price than other wines we source from the same producer so it won’t eat into other sales from this company as the other wines are further up the scale. Mostly the wines we have chosen for this new range are further down the scale in each producer’s ranges.”

The retailer has also finished refurbishing its Pont Street store; the last store in the portfolio to get a revamp. The store now houses a dedicated fine wine room, which can be used to meet with private clients or potential investors.

“The store doesn’t get a lot of footfall traffic so we turned the back into a fine wine room to help customers with their journey once they are in the store.”

The room houses a range of high priced classic wines from prestigious producers and it also has a sofa area for meeting with clients.