Connecting with other local businesses is a good way to expand your reach, establish your place in the community, and attract new customers. Whether a partnership involves a simple recommendation or a full-on collaborative tasting event, there are many ways to get involved with other businesses to generate buzz – and sales – for both parties. 

1. Partner with shops close to your location. Creating convenience for both your business and the consumer is a good idea. This could be as simple as partnering with a local florist to offer fizz and flowers for events such as Valentine’s or Christmas.

This could take the shape of a voucher system for a discount between the two stores. Or, if you have the space, you could stock a few bunches and sell the package. 

2. Team up with businesses that are likely to share a similar audience. This doesn’t have to mean other food or drinks shops. Is there a gift shop nearby that might need a bottle of wine to help model a carafe? Place a card next to the display with an irresistible tasting note and detailing where the wine is available.

Alternatively, could you add the gift shop’s glassware, cocktail kits or corkscrews to your display? Near a clothes shop? Perhaps you could host a fashion show and, depending on your licence, sell some drinks to the audience. 

3. Consider partnering with a local charity. It is widely reported that consumers are more socially conscious – and like to support brands or businesses that are like-minded. If you know your customers enjoy supporting a cause, find a local charity that could do with some help.

Perhaps your customers are dog lovers – could you host a tasting for a dog rescue charity? How about some games – pairing dog breeds with drinks? Or, if you prefer something more simple, perhaps offer a percentage of profits from the sale of certain bottles, or run a prize draw.