Consumers appear to favour a night in with a cream liqueur over a visit to a nightclub, according to the updated basket of goods used to measure consumer prices.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has added cream liqueur to the basket of goods used to calculate inflation for the first time, along with other popular ‘at home’ items such as coffee pods, while night club entry fees have been dropped from the list.

The ONS said it added cream liqueurs to the list of 704 items “to help interpretation of a class where there is a high degree of price volatility due to discounts”.

Night club entry fees have been removed from the list because the number of clubs has dramatically declined in Britain in recent years, and a spokesman for the ONS said it could no longer justify keeping these fees in the basket because the number of clubs charging entry fees is also declining.

Meanwhile, electronic cigarettes were introduced in the 2015 baskets but prices were collected solely from internet retailers. Collection is being extended into physical shops in 2016.

Items removed from the list this year tend to reflect changing consumer habits in terms of technological advances; for example items such as CD-Roms and rewritable DVDs were being excluded from the 2016 list to reflect “the change in the computer market away from physical media and towards downloadable files”.