The Office for National Statistics has removed “spirit-based drinks” from its basket of goods and services, as it looks to reflect consumer spending patterns to calculate the rising cost of living.

In 2023, 26 items were added to the basket, while 16 have been removed. The total number of items in the basket is 743.

Removals include spirit-based drinks, digital compact cameras and non-chart CD albums, while additions include e-bikes, security cameras and frozen berries.

“This year, the spirit-based drink or alcopop item has been removed from the restaurants and cafés category, one of the cigarette brands has been removed from tobacco, and the two red wine items for European and New World wines merged into one within off-sales of alcohol,” the ONS said.

According to the BBC, the ONS said the removal of RTDs was, in part, the result of restaurants, cafés and pubs being over-represented.

The ONS reviews the basket on an annual basis. To see the latest basket, click here.