Borough Wines is expanding its offering of sustainable solutions with a new zero waste range for its off and on-trade customers.

The new Zero-Waste range comprises 25 artisan wines from independent winemakers chosen to celebrate sustainable winemaking around the world.  Many of the wines are biodynamic and vegan, and they are all available in three different formats: Return Bottle, Vinotap and Refill.

Managing director, Muriel Chatel, said: “We are on a mission to reduce waste in the drinks supply chain and are really excited to be offering these new innovative formats to our customers. We are always looking for new ways to help businesses reduce waste.  Environmental concerns are high up on the agenda now, and we want to help our customers address these and provide ways for them to stand out from their competitors.” 

The Return Bottle scheme covers the full range of 25 wines. This option encompasses a wide variety of regions and styles as well as offering “convenience, quality, value and choice”, according to the company.

Chatel said: “We know that the wine bottle is a very familiar and much-loved way of serving and buying wine, yet this traditional model is not the most sustainable.  This is where Borough Wines comes in, leveraging the benefits of big scale technology on a boutique scale and improving all aspects of supply, including margins, quality, service and choice.”

The wines are shipped in bulk to Borough Wines directly from the vineyards to minimise environmental impact. They are then bottled at its dedicated winery-standard bottling and kegging facility in London, and delivered to customers in recycled plastic crates, also reducing the use of cardboard.  Shoppers are encouraged to bring their empty bottles back to the shop, while bars and restaurants store the bottles, which are then collected by Borough wines from all over the UK. The bottles are then reused thus reducing the number of bottles that need to be recycled.

The labels have been designed to reflect the different categories within the range and are produced from bagasse (the by-product of the extraction of juice from sugar cane), which is fully biodegradable.

Also launched this month is the Vinotap – a 10-litre zero waste alternative to Bag in Box made of stainless steel which comes with its own tap dispensing system. The same range of 25 wines is available in this format. Once empty, the Vinotap is collected, cleaned and refilled providing another zero-waste solution for bars, restaurants and retail.

The two new products join the Borough’s Refill Kegs, which the company said are the only reusable kegs in the UK.  Each 25-litre keg, containing the equivalent of 33.3 bottles of wine, is collected and reused by Borough Wines – saving 16kg of glass from being produced and disposed of.