The Dry Drinks Company has launched the first in a series of alcohol-free products, starting with an alcohol-free beer and cider.

‘Smashed Hops – Soft Beer’ and ‘Smashed Apple – Soft Cider’ (both 0.05% abv) were created as premium alternatives to alcohol.

The Dry Drinks Company was formed 12 months ago by Richard Clark, who previously helped launch Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and Whitley Neil Gin.

Clark said: “The UK consumer is drinking less alcohol but is increasingly active in the rapidly changing out of home channels. Directly linked to our changing more balanced lifestyles and leisure time is a growing demand for premium non-alcoholic drinks for when drinking alcohol is not appropriate. To optimise in this significant market gap, The Dry Drinks Company has created products that bring together the fun, sociability and refreshment cues of soft drinks with the provenance and heritage of alcoholic equivalents. Who would have imagined that in 2018 approximately 50% of consumers aged 18 to 45 would drink less than once a week.”

Both products have been developed from beer and cider, which has been brewed using the company’s own unique recipes, with English hops, barley and apples.

The beer and cider have then been de-alcoholised to produce a high quality end product. Both are also vegan friendly.