Manchester-based alcohol-free beer and cider manufacturer, Drynks Unlimited, has aired its first TV advert to kickstart a year-long city centre sampling tour for its Smashed brand. ‘Get Smashed Anytime’ can be seen in the ITV Granada region, in the north west, until  February 7. The ad shows a host of places where people can drink a Smashed non-alcoholic beverage.

Drynks Unlimited is now due to begin its national tour, starting in Manchester on January 28, with the campaign expected to target around 50,000 people.

Richard Clark, founder and managing director of Drynks Unlimited, hopes the brand will continue to grow in popularity as more drinkers opt for low/no alcohol drinks: “Alcohol-free drinks aren’t just for Dry January. Our research shows that British drinkers are much more likely to flex their drinking between alcohol and alcohol-free rather than abstain completely.

“We want to change the mindset that you are ‘missing out’ by choosing an alcohol-free beer or cider but instead that you can actually have fun and enjoy a drink without the booze.” 

Low and no alcohol hit the mainstream