Dalston’s has launched three new flavours and a new look for its full range of “honest, additive-free and better-tasting” soft drinks.

The craft soft drinks producer, which has just gained listings in 200 Waitrose stores, has introduced three newcomers to its canned range: Fizzy Elderflower, Cherryade and Ginger Beer. All three are blended with British spring water and a balanced amount of beer sugar, for an adult taste profile.

Dan Broughton, md, said: “Our 2017 can launch was a real hit; we ended up selling more than 600,000 units, which was our most successful launch ever. Thanks to this, and Waitrose’s subsequent endorsement, a start-up with a small East London brew yard is making the leap into being a credible national player. Combined with our significantly increased production capacity, this brilliant new trio will help us keep up with the huge consumer demand for better soft drinks. They also continue our commitment to real change in this market, avoiding artificial sweeteners, never compromising on taste and always using ‘real’ ingredients. Whether its Nigerian kola nuts or Sicilian blood orange extract, we are only interested in the best that’s out there.”

Dalston’s has also revamped its packaging to offer a more striking design, which aims to better reflect its “punchy” flavours.

Broughton added: “In the same way that craft beer has exploded in popularity over the past few years, we are now witnessing a sustained rise in demand for more honest, additive-free and better-tasting soft drinks. Also, as consumers are embracing alcohol-free alternatives at home and on nights out, they are looking for more exciting soft drinks than the usual sugar-heavy suspects.”