AB Inbev aims to reach 43 million UK consumers with a marketing campaign promoting Budweiser’s sponsorship of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

The TV ads and posters are shot in black and white in a bid to help them stand out from the sea of colour AB Inbev expects fellow sponsors to use in their campaigns.

TV ads will break on March 24 and they will be bolstered by digital and print advertising.

These ads will champion a limited-edition aluminium bottle of Budweiser that is gold-coloured and features a picture of the iconic Jules Rimet trophy.

Former England international Danny Mills spoke at the Rise as One campaign’s launch in London and said he expected the June tournament to be the biggest, most-watched and most-talked about sporting event of all time.

Budweiser’s marketing manager Jennifer Anton added that Budweiser is the only beer that can use the FIFA World Cup branding in its marketing, and said retailers can capitalise on the advertising by selling more beer and crisps during the tournament.

She added: “Being the official beer is a massive opportunity for us to stand out because what do you celebrate the world cup with? You celebrate with a beer and that puts us in a great position.

“Creatively our campaign really is memorable, just the cut through of the black and white and the gold Budweiser bottle will really stand out in a sea of colour. Our aim is to be recognised as an international brand and tie together the celebration of the World Cup with Budweiser.”

Trade marketing manager Sunny Bhurji detailed the various tailored below-the-line activity AB Inbev is offering different retail channels.

In supermarkets consumers can take a multipack of Budweiser to the till and exchange it for one full of chilled bottles on selected match days.

There is also a host of POS exclusive to convenience and wholesale channels, and a range of competitions offering consumers the chance to win a host of prizes.

New pack formats include multipacks that are sturdy and easy to carry, and Budweiser will also use retailers to promote a Crystal Maze-style experiential game where players have to catch prizes in a container of floating balls.