The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a new set of guidelines on producing whisky in a move to improve product quality with the aim of driving international exports.

The new voluntary standard (BS 8636), developed in collaboration with whisky experts from across the UK and Ireland, will outline the methodology that producers are advised to use to ensure consistency in the production process. 

Guidelines include information on desired whisky colour, maturation time and minimum alcoholic strength, as well as packaging and labelling. By establishing consistent production across as many distillers as possible, the BSI is aiming to consolidate the UK and Ireland as a trusted supplier of authentic and high-quality whisky. 

Scott Steedman, director general for standards at BSI said: “We hope the standard will create a benchmark for quality that will add value to the distillers who use it and increase the confidence of consumers everywhere. 

“This new standard has world-wide application and can help to facilitate the production and trade of high-quality whisky worldwide.” 

The standard will be managed by a technical committee in the BSI, which may review and update the guidelines based on industry feedback. The committee is also due to discuss the possibility of using the UK and Ireland standard as a base document for a future international standard.