Zubrowka is the latest producer to innovate with vodka, as the category looks to tap into the ongoing interest in new styles of premium spirits.

The Polish vodka brand is releasing Zubrowka Rosé, a new expression of trh traditional Bison Grass vodka, infused with forest raspberries, cranberries and rosehip fruit.

The newcomer has a lower abv of 32% for those seeking a lighter and fruitier taste. The producer said it is “carefully crafted with natural botanical fruit essences” but it still retains a hint of the brand’s iconic bison grass flavour.

The move follows other recent NPD in vodka such as G52 Botanical Vodka from the Glasgow Distillery Company.

Rebecca Heathcote, international marketing director at Roust, the producer of Zubrowka, said: “We are hugely excited about Zubrowka Rosé. It is a great representation of what we are striving to achieve across the brand by delivering a lower abv drink option for consumers that perfectly fits the aperitif moment.

“Not only is it attractively pink, but it is refreshingly fruity and full of berry flavours and makes for the ideal long serve mixed with tonic and ice. A huge amount of thought and craftsmanship has gone into creating such a light and delicious flavour, perfect to enjoy in the sunshine with friends.”

Zubrowka Rosé will launch in France this Spring and it will be ready for other markets by the summer.