A new campaign promoting white Bordeaux is targeting younger generations of UK wine lovers.

The Syndicat Viticole des Bordeaux et Bordeaux Supérieur believes UK shoppers have been put off the region by a perception that its wines are expensive and all need ageing.

It aims to educate them with a new campaign that begins with tastings in London highlighting affordable whites from the region.

President Herve Grandeau told OLN: “The aim is to show that Bordeaux is not only about wines from the cellar that need to be aged. It is also about young wines to be enjoyed by a younger generation. The young generation needs to discover new products on the market. These wines aren’t expensive and they offer a good balance between price and quality.

“People have an image of Bordeaux as expensive so they have abandoned it, so it’s our ambition to show that’s not true. These wines are crisp, citrus, fresh and not expensive – perfect for the younger consumers.”

A tasting will take place at wine merchant Vagabond in west London in London, followed by another with the Hospitality Guild, with food matchings highlighted and a presentation from The Wine Gang’s Jane Parkinson.

The UK is a top three market for white Bordeaux and exports have been rising steadily since 2009, according to the generic body, but there is still some way to go.

Grandeau said: “We have just begun a campaign in the UK to support white Bordeaux. We want to maximise the market for the white Bordeaux to give the regional a more youthful image in the UK.

“For UK consumers white Bordeaux has a different image to whites from New World countries like Chile and South Africa, but I think Bordeaux white is getting better and better each year and we are now talking up the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety that makes up a lot of our blends and I think it will be more attractive to younger UK consumers now.

“Sauvignon is often 85% of the blend and highlighting this is a new way for consumers to understand Bordeaux white.

“Sauvignon Blanc originated in Bordeaux some 400 years ago. It is now the most popular grape variety in the UK and we want to have a conversation about Sauvignon from Bordeaux.”