Xeco Wines is on a mission to give sherry “a total reinvention” by taking it into the aperitif scene.

The start-up company, which is headed up by a trio of passionate ‘fino friends’, was created through a mutual desire to “bring sherry out of grandma’s cupboard” and into UK wine bars and retailers by launching a modern brand of sherry wines.

The first Xeco Wines release will be a crisp and refreshing dry Fino sherry made using some of the finest Palomino grapes from Jerez, and aged biologically in American oak casks for a minimum of four years at Diez Merito, a Bodega established in 1876. The pale golden wine is light and fresh on the palate, with dainty savoury ‘umami’ aromas and a hint of salinity.

Xeco Fino (rrp: £15.99 – £16.99) is described as being delicious when served straight up and fridge-cold, or within a number of serves from Xeco Fino with fresh lemonade or tonic to more complex concoctions.

The brand is working with a number of renowned bartenders to uncover the perfect serve and develop a selection of classic and quirky cocktails that sherry lovers can make at home. The company said this, combined with its naturally low-alcohol and low-calorie credentials, makes Xeco the perfect choice for summer sipping.

The packaging is designed to reflect sherry’s ancient English-Spanish connection by mixing historic characters from both England and Spain with neon graffiti art, to set it apart from the traditional ‘old world’ style of labeling from many existing sherries on the market.

An Amontillado will be available later in Autumn 2017 and there are other styles in development.