The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has appointed Majestic’s chief operating officer, Rob Cooke, to its board.

The trade organisation welcomed Cooke’s experience at what it called an “important time for the wine industry”, with issues such as DRS and duty changes on the agenda.

Cooke sits on the Majestic executive team and oversees the wine retailer’s ecommerce, buying and marketing functions, as well as on-trade arm, Majestic Commercial.

He said of the WSTA appointment: “As the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, Majestic has a responsibility to be a force for good and advocate for positive change across the wine industry, for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and suppliers. I’m looking forward to working with Miles [Beale] and the rest of the WSTA board to build a sustainable future for the trade.”

WSTA chief executive Miles Beale added that Cooke’s wealth of expertise in wine and spirit retail makes him a welcome addition to the board.

“The UK’s wine and spirit businesses and consumers face some of the highest tax increases in decades, as well as complex and costly deposit return scheme proposals and all alongside a backdrop of punishing pandemic losses,” Beale said. “Facing these challenges, it is important that we work together to campaign for more support for the wine and spirit trade.”

The WSTA is also looking to continue to diversify its board by recruiting four new members, below CEO/principal level