The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) is on the lookout for new board members, as it seeks to diversify the line-up. The WSTA is recruiting four new members, “chosen for their different business expertise and perspectives”.

The WSTA, which is a not for profit organisation, said it wants “fresh thinking volunteers”, to apply to join the board for a two-year term. New members will contribute to discussions and be a source of information and advice for members of the WSTA team.

WSTA chief executive Miles Beale, said: “I am very pleased that the WSTA board has taken the decision to boost the skillsets around the table, by opening up places for fresh thinking from experts or highly trained individuals within our membership who will bring new disciplines to the board.

“We believe that our member companies have within their ranks a source of untapped talent that could help drive the WSTA at a time when the industry is focused on recovery and rejuvenation during what continues to be a turbulent time.”

Mark Riley, chair of the WSTA board, said his focus is for the WSTA to continue to meet challenges and opportunities.

“By removing the requirement that WSTA board members must hold the most senior role in their alcoholic drinks business, we can introduce new perspectives and skills which will ensure the board benefits from – and can promote – greater diversity and inclusion,” Riley added. “We also hope that many of them will go on to be future leaders in the wine and spirit trade.”

The WSTA wants to hear from individuals working at companies within its membership who feel they can bring fresh skills, experience and perspective, preferably from the following categories: SMEs, UK wine and spirit producers, importers/exporters, wholesalers or merchants with skills and qualifications, including qualified lawyers or procurement, HR, communication, ICT training, data and education specialists.

Nominees must be employed by a WSTA member company. To apply, click here.