Alcohol-free trade supplier Wise Bar Trader has released a list of Muslim-friendly drinks in a move to simplify the search process for retailers looking to create a more inclusive range for their Muslim customers. 

Launched to coincide with Ramadan, the new list adds to Wise Bar Trader’s existing categories which include gluten-free, vegan and low sugar. The new categorisation has also been added to the supplier’s consumer-facing website, Wise Bartender. 

Tom Ward, founder of Wise Bar Trader, said: “We were starting to get queries asking which of our alcohol-free drinks were Muslim-friendly…We have initially identified 20 products that are suitable, including a range of mocktails, and have set up a separate category to readily identify those drinks that are Muslim-friendly.”

He continued: “By classifying drinks as Muslim-friendly, I hope that Wise Bar Trader can provide a more efficient service for our customers who are supporting the Muslim community during Ramadan”.