Trade organisation WineGB has launched its own manifesto, ahead of the general election.

WineGB’s Manifesto for Growth identifies three main areas that require support from a new government, including a fairer approach to business, support for sustainability, and help to promote English, Welsh and British wine.

As part of the manifesto, WineGB called for the government to address the competitive disadvantages in terms of domestic regulation and production costs, introduce a fairer tax regime and “reverse unworkable changes” to the wine excise duty system, reduce duty for wine, and reform small producer relief. The manifesto also called for a cellar door duty relief scheme.

According to WineGB, the English and Welsh wine industry is the fastest growing agricultural sector in the UK – and it brought in its largest harvest last year. Planting is “predicted to rise by 84%” by 2032.

WineGB CEO Nicola Bates said: “We are a growing industry, our producers are investing, and we are supporting them. We are looking at the next government to accelerate the growth of our industry. Our Manifesto for Growth identifies three key areas where we can make changes that will have a palpable effect on our community of winemakers and vine growers. As such, we are lobbying for fairer business, a better environment for change, and for the Government to place greater value on its home-grown wines.”

The WineGB Manifesto for Growth can be read in full here.