The Board of WineGB has announced that Peter Gladwin is to retire from the WineGB Board at the next Annual General Meeting, currently planned for May 27, 2021.  

The process to identify a replacement for Gladwin as a Director will begin immediately. His position as Deputy Chairman will be taken by Nick Wenman (Albury Vineyard), who has been on the Board for some time. WineGB said Wenman “contributed enormously” to the development of WineGB’s marketing function last year.

The Board has been considering succession planning for some time and also how to ensure that it has continued access to the skills it needs. WineGB said that apart from the usual desire to refresh the board in an orderly manner, one of the principal aims of the changes is to ensure that the board’s diversity and inclusiveness agenda moves forward so that it represents its members and draws on the best possible talent available.

Simon Robinson, Chairman, said: “WineGB was formed in 2017 and has now firmly established itself as an effective voice for the UK wine production industry and a valuable resource for our members, so it is time to consider the next steps.

“We moved decisively forward with the appointment of Simon Thorpe as our Chief Executive last year. But good boards also plan their own succession in good time and we have been thinking about these matters for some time now. In the modern world, it is also important to ensure that the board is diverse and effective and this is likely to be the first part of a number of board changes which will be announced over the coming months.

“I must pay tribute to Peter Gladwin. He has been a tower of strength as Deputy Chairman, having led the old UKVA team in the merger with EWP and thereafter putting a huge amount of effort into enabling WineGB to grow and succeed. He has been particularly responsible for our finances, the planning and execution of our annual awards and the appointment of, and relationship with, our sponsors and partners. He will be greatly missed and deserves our thanks.”