Wine Rack has opened a shop in Hampstead – bringing its estate to 20. 

The new shop in Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, is open seven days a week and launched with introductory offers on wines, spirits and Champagnes and advertising in local media.

The Wine Rack estate has remained around 20 strong for the past few years, although owner Laki Christoforou has long held plans to grow the estate – a target of 30 shops was announced early in 2011.

Last October Christoforou said he hoped to open four or five new shops by Christmas 2012, after the company posted profits of £380,000, up 6% on the previous year.

He said: “The business is profitable but expanding at a steady rate. We are more than happy to grow at a faster rate but we need to find the right locations. Expansion all depends on finding the right stores.”

The Wine Rack trading name and 13 shops were bought in December 2009 after First Quench went into administration, by Christoforou’s LCL Enterprises.

Marcin Kryzysck, manager of the new shop in Hampstead, is pictured, centre, with team members Gerard Rovira and Patricia Fraser Roemer.