Wine production in 2023 is at a six-decade low, following extreme weather conditions, according to the latest figures from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). 

Speaking at a web conference on November 7, the OIV’s head of statistics, Giorgio Delgrosso, shared that production is down 7% compared to 2022, marking it the smallest year for wine production since 1961. 

Combined data from 29 countries – which accounted for 94% of global wine production in 2022 – found that production volumes have fallen significantly, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere with Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and Brazil all being impacted by weather conditions such as frosts and heavy rainfall.

Overall, 2023 production is estimated between 241.7 mhl and 246.6 mhl, marking even lower levels than those seen in 2017 when production was notably low at 248 mhl. 

However, a handful of countries in the Northern Hemisphere, including the US, Germany, Portugal and Romania, reported average or above-average volumes following more favourable weather conditions.  

The OIV also advised that figures should be taken as estimates as data from certain countries such as China is not yet available.