Wimbledon Brewery has introduced three beers inspired by the original brewery, which burned down in 1889.

The three new beers will be released in sequence: XK Autumn Ale 3.5% abv has just been released, while the stronger XXK Winter Ale 4.8% abv comes out on 29 October, and finally the XXXK Barley Wine (around 10% abv) arrives mid-November.

Master brewer Derek Prentice explains: “Traditionally beer strength was denoted by Xs, so an ‘X’ beer would be a ‘mild’ and ‘XX’ a stronger brew, and ‘XXX’ the strongest, typically between 8-13% abv. XXXK – the K denotes a ‘keeper’, one which could be kept and aged for as many months or even years.

“Since (Wimbledon founder) Mark Gordon showed me the old price list, I have wanted to make our own interpretation of an XXXK. This led us to the beers we are releasing this autumn.”

The XXXK will be sold in 75cl bottles, which will be conditioned at the brewery before release. A portion of the brew will also be kept in cask to be released in 2018.

The three ‘historic’ beers will join other Winter Collection brews – Phoenix smoked Porter, Copper Leaf cask and Copper North American Rye.