William Grant & Sons has entered the low and no alcohol spirits category with an “ultra-low alcohol spirit”.

Atopia is bottled at 0.5% abv and is available in two flavours: Spiced Citrus and Wild Blossom. It will be available from Sainsbury’s and Ocado from this week, priced at £25.

The flavour is achieved through natural distillation and botanical extraction, which builds layers of taste complexity, according to the company. It is also suited to mixing.

The Atopia liquid was created by Lesley Gracie, William Grant’s award-winning master distiller. The aim was to create “an accessible yet special flavour profile to elevate the moderated drinking experience”.

Gracie said: “Atopia is a special liquid that uses our distilling and blending expertise to create a new generation of spirits. Inspired by the more mindful, lifestyle choices of today’s consumer, the exquisite liquid comes in two perfectly balanced flavours.The distillates have been selected and combined with care and precision, meaning you can pick out each flavour separately whilst no one flavour dominates over the other.

“We’ve used our distilling heritage and expertise to ensure no compromise on flavour is experienced when drinking the ultra-low alcohol spirit. The flavour is full, from first taste to finish.”