Wild Knight Distillery is adding to its collection of spirits with the launch of an Espresso Martini.

Wild Knight Espresso Martini is made with the producer’s Wild Knight English Vodka, infused with cold-brewed, single-origin speciality coffee from the conservation-focused Guima Estate in Brazil.

The 26.5% abv drink has flavours of deep coffee with notes of toffee, brown sugar and chocolate. It is described as being “smooth and soft on the palate”.

The drink has been created by Steph and Matt Brown, directors of Founding Drinks. The duo have already seen strong sales for its original product, Wild Knight Vodka, and Nelson’s Gold, which “an ultra-smooth, full-bodied caramelised vodka”.

More recently the producer tapped into the gin boom with Boadicea Gin, launched in June last year, followed by a winter gin in Christmas 2018 and then a pink “rosa” gin, which went into stores in March this year. 

Matt Brown has promised more NPD from the company in 2020. He said: “Next year we will launch our Ensign Rum, both Spiced and Golden variants. Both will have molasses as the base. Provenance is key to all of their spirits and with the rum the molasses can be traced back to the farm of origin.”

The Espresso Martini is now ranked as the UK’s sixth most popular cocktail, according to market analysts CGA. This year’s data from the company showed the drink is growing in popularity and rose to sixth place in 2019 from seventh place last year.