When in Rome has launched two Portuguese wines in box format to coincide with the launch of The Wine Show’s third series, which sees the team based in Portugal.

The red and white wines are available via Amazon from this month.

The white wine, a blend of Chardonnay and the indigenous grape Arinto, is a Lisboan Reserva, which has flavours of peach, dried apricots, acacia honey and popcorn.

The full-bodied red wine comes from the Alentejo region in south central Portugal, and it is described as “a serious wine for serious enjoyment”, with flavours of blackcurrants layered with dark chocolate, black forest gateaux and eucalyptus.

The Wine Show teamed up with When in Rome in order to introduce these wines in bag-in-box format.

Wine Show presenter, Joe Fattorini, said: “We want people to enjoy the tastes of Portugal that we discovered as we made series three. Hone4st, delicious wines from a country that’s influenced winemaking around the world. It is a country that has innovated in wine too – and we want to respect that spirit with wine in boxes, a low-impact, sustainable way of enjoying wine in the 21st Century.”

Melanie Jappy, executive producer of The Wine Show said: “The main obstacle to the wine industry achieving a smaller carbon footprint seems to be the perception that unless it comes in a heavy glass bottle, what is contained within is of poor quality. Well there’s a simple fix to that problem – just raise the quality. It’s time we made alternative formats like bag in box wine something to be proud of not something to hide away. If we are to succeed, the product has to be great, and these wines really are. We are incredibly proud of them.”

Rob Malin, chief executive office and co-founder of When in Rome ,said, “While this is the first time we have sourced a box wine that isn’t from Italy, we are confident that consumers who understand the benefits of boxed wine will see the value of these two great Portuguese wines, which are packaged in an environmentally-friendly way and don’t compromise on quality.”