Westwell Wines has released the first wine made since the purchase of the winery by the Taylor family in 2016.

The wine, Pelegrim, is a traditional bottle fermented English sparkling wine with lower dosage. A newly-designed label and more prominent branding for the Kent-based company are also part of the new release.

Winemaker, Adrian Pike, and grower, Marcus Goodwin, both came over from organic producer Davenport; both are in the process of gradually transforming the estate towards lower intervention both in the vineyard and in the winemaking.

For Pelegrim the duo made the decision to lower the dosage from 19g/l to 9g/l.

Pike said: “The high quality of the fruit has allowed us to lower the dosage, which in turn means we have been able to achieve a greater expression of the terroir of the site. It could be interesting to experiment with zero dosage for a separate label in the future as long as we continue to have long hot summers.”

The blend is 45% Pinot Noir, 45% Pinot Meunier and 10% Chardonnay. Almost 20% is sourced from reserve wines of previous vintages to add further complexity and a consistent NV style. The wines are lees-aged in bottle for 18-24 months, which gives depth and a biscuit aroma, according to Pike.

The newly-designed label for Pelegrim (which means Pilgrim in 12th Century Middle English), features an illustration of the North Downs and is a tribute to those who walked the Pilgrim’s Way en route to Canterbury, according to the company.