Westons Cider is unveiling a new corporate brand identity as part of its ambitious plans to grow the business by 40% by 2023.

The company has already invested £15m into infrastructure and capacity improvements to help it achieve its ambition and it has also secured 1200 acres of new cider orchards, which means it will be able to source 90% of its apples from a 40-mile radius of its Much Marcle site.

Westons claims to have the largest collection of oak vats in the UK, and it has also increased its storage vessels to 164 and presses to six, while it has also invested in new bottling lines, and more recently, 6,000 new kegs.

Geoff Bradman, commercial director, said: “This investment has been made to continue to improve the quality of our ciders and to ensure that we have the capacity to deal with increasing volume demands, all of which is critical to our development plans for the future. This will enable us to achieve our ambitious growth plans of 40% over the next five years, and ensure we continue to produce ciders of the highest quality.

“Growth will come from developing our business both in the UK and internationally, and through our upweighted investment into our new generation brands such as Mortimer’s Orchard, Mortimer’s Orchard English Berry, Rosie’s Pig and Caple Rd, as well as other NPD, which we have in the pipeline.

“To reflect our investment and support our growth ambitions, it was clear that we needed to update and upweight our corporate branding to premiumise, energise and modernise it and bring it in line with our brand portfolio of premium quality ciders.

“We are therefore launching a new corporate logo and positioning which will be rolled our from the end of October across all consumer and trade touch points, such as our packaging and fonts, point-of-sale material, Westons Cider lorries and a new website, as well as internal branding within the business.”

Gemma Evans, Westons’ corporate brand manager, added: “Our research demonstrated that the Herefordshire region needed to be referenced on the logo as it is renowned as being the heartland of cider making. It was also clear that Westons’ heritage, longevity and expertise needed to be alluded to while the design also needed to be contemporary to remain appealing. The established date of 1880 was also very important to carry on the logo, as well as it representing Westons Cider’s great quality.”