West Berkshire Brewery has partnered with Seattle based Reuben’s Brews, to brew and distribute its range of beers for the UK market.

The American brewery (founded by Adam and Grace Robbings in 2012) is known for its wide range of styles that includes Wembley IPA and Pacific Pils. The partnership will see Adam Robbings returning to his roots, as a Berkshire native.

WBB maintains the partnership will allow for “some of the finest beers from across the pond” to be brewed, distributed and consumed on British soil.

Managing Director for WBB, Tom Lucas, said: “At WBB we are really excited to be partnering up with Reuben’s Brews, Adam and his team share the same passion and respect for beer that we do. We both focus on the drinker, creating full flavoured brews of all styles with balance and drinkability at the heart. Reuben’s and WBB are developing an “exchange” program for our brewers and wider teams to share ideas, experiment and grow and have a bit of fun along the way.” 

Reuben’s Co-founder Adam Robbings said: “When I moved to the US in 2004, I thought I was going to be living in the land of light beer. I couldn’t have been more wrong, especially in Seattle, as I was soon exposed to a new and vibrant world of craft beer.”

He added, “I’m very excited that my parents, family, and friends can now try our beer as fresh as possible at their homes in the UK and taste the flavour of true West Coast-style beers that we brew in the great tradition of our region.”

WBB and Reuben’s will be offering three beers in keg, cans and fridge packs when the partnership officially launches in the New Year:

  • A special UK edition of Brussels Beer Challenge Gold Medal-winning Crikey IPA
  • A UK version of award-winning hazy India Pale Ale Hazealicious IPA;
  • A pilsner for the UK market that honours the ingredients and terroir of the Pacific Northwest: Pacific Pils.