Halewood Artisanal Spirits has signalled plans to continue expanding its gin range amid the rising popularity of vodka. 

Following the gin craze of the late 2010s, Halewood marketing director James Stocker said the gin market is “slowing down” after its “huge growth”. With consumers beginning to turn their attention to vodka, Stocker confirmed he has seen “great growth in flavoured vodka”, as the spirit seems to be following in gin’s footsteps. 

“Flavoured vodka is growing fast. Non-flavoured vodka is still very much the largest part of the category, but if we look at gin six or seven years ago, the flavoured category was still quite small,” he said. 

From Halewood’s portfolio, he noted JJ Whitley’s Raspberry Vodka as a best-seller. 

However, Stocker affirmed that the spirits producer, which is home to brands such as Dead Man’s Fingers rum and Whitley Neill gin, will continue to develop its gin range alongside its selection of vodkas. 

“We still see huge opportunities in the gin category, both internationally and in terms of flavour development,” he said, adding that Halewood is beginning to innovate “on the traditional side” of gin with a focus on London Dry. 

“While things are slowing in the UK a little bit, there’s a huge amount of international growth in gin,” he said. 

Despite plans to continue investment in vodka, Stocker suggested that this will not come at the cost of gin, and outlined plans to boost Halewood’s gin range over the course of the coming months by cashing in on seasonal drinking occasions and the rise in low/no spirits. 

“We’re launching a range of non-alcoholic gins using some of our existing flavours because we think it’s important to use flavours that people recognise”, he explained, adding that Whitley Neill plans to release a limited-edition Christmas gin later this year.

With the aim to keep gin and vodka going strong, Stocker said: “We think the important thing is to continue innovating – that’s at the heart of what we do.” 

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