The Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC) has laid out a new sustainability programme for producers as it steps away from organic certification for a “more holistic” and all-encompassing approach.

In a recent webinar, ‘Sustainability in WA: actions behind the label’, the WSWC detailed its SustainableWA certification programme, which looks to offer winemakers in the state a long-term sustainability solution which covers all aspects of sustainability, rather than just environmental.

The annually-reviewed programme was created by Washington Winegrowers and the WSWC in partnership with consulting firm Sure Harvest.

Noting that some “Washington State producers are forgoing organic certification” in favour of the new programme, the WSWC highlighted the need for a more well-rounded sustainability plan that seeks to protect the Washington wine industry for future generations. 

Tyler Williams, of Washington-based Kiona Vineyards, said viticulture is “just one part of three really important holistic perspectives of running a sustainable farm”. 

Wineries in the area can now apply for the certification, which covers three areas of sustainable practices in winemaking: environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable.