QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal has secured a listing in Waitrose making it the first Mezcal to be available in a national supermarket in the UK.

UK drinks distributor Cask Liquid Marketing announced that the Matatlan mezcal would be listed in Waitrose supermarkets and Waitrose Cellar from this month.

Stuart Ekins, co-founder of Cask, said: “I think this Waitrose listing is a real testament to the growing interest and popularity of Mezcal in the UK. QuiQuiRiQui was the first non-blended artisanal mezcal form Matatlan, Oaxaca to launch in the UK, so we feel it’s only fitting that they are the first to break into a national supermarket. We’re delighted that we can contribute to the ever-growing buzz around this excellent spirit”.

QuiQuiRiQui was founded by Melanie Symonds and it was launched into the UK in 2011, becoming the first artisanal mezcal to hit the UK. The producer’s mezcals are all Single Estate (Palenque) handcrafted spirits from Mexico.

The brand partners directly with families who have been producing traditional mezcal in their communities for generations. All of its mezcals are made to order in small batches using locally grown agave plants.

The house Matatlan mezcal is said to have a smooth taste with distinct roasted agave flavours and a peppery finish that is characteristic of the Espadin agave.

The newcomer will be priced at £37.50 per 70cl bottle in Waitrose stores.