Southerners are the biggest fans of bag-in-box wine, according to the latest data from the Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2017-18.

The findings of the report, revealed today, also show that in Glasgow the top-selling wine from Waitrose Cellar is Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne and that drinkers in Cambridge are “particularly partial” to Port and sherry.

Meanwhile, the five Waitrose shops selling the most regional beer are all in Scotland, while its data also shows that cider has seen the biggest growth in the Midlands than in anywhere else in the UK.

The report also highlights the drinks that were most favoured by consumers in 2017, based on sales data through Waitrose stores.

One of the best-selling drinks, it said, is rum, which saw sales rise by 11% through 2017, particularly sales of white rum. The retailer now sells 29 different types of rum.

Other growth areas in drinks are craft porters and stouts and hybrid tipples – Waitrose highlights Glenfiddich, which has been finishing some of its whisky in IPA casks, as an example of these and it said we can “expect more cross-categorising to come”.

Spanish Vermut and Sicilian Wines are also gaining traction and it has also seen strong sales of liqueurs such as British Cassis, which consumers are adding to sparkling wines.

While it notes that Southerners are the biggest fans of bag-in-box wine, the retailer also states that this packaging format looks set to be poised for a UK boom. It notes that sales of bag-in-box have grown 26% over the past 10 years in France.

Other ones to watch from 2017 are bitter flavoured drinks, driven by a growing interest in Negroni; garnishes; and magnums, which it said are “increasingly popular as a dinner-party centerpiece”.

The Food & Drink Report also highlights changes in consumer shopping patterns, as highlighted by managing director Rob Collins.

He explained: “Our research found people have become more flexible in their shopping patterns, more price-savvy and more single-minded than ever before. For example, a staggering 65% of Britons visit a supermarket more than once a day on a regular or occasional basis. Over half of us don’t decide what we are having for dinner until lunchtime; one in 10 of us will decide just before we eat. The consumer is in charge of their domain.”

The 2017-18 report is the fifth annual report of its kind by the retailer and it is based on a year’s worth of Waitrose sales, supported by new consumer research and insight from its food and retail experts.