Waitrose has agreed a new delivery partnership with Deliveroo, which will allow thousands of households to have food and drink delivered in as little as 30 minutes.

The trial, which starts on September 1, will initially be for 12 weeks, giving more than half a million households the option to have Waitrose food delivered. The trial will start from Waitrose shops in Bracknell and Clifton and if successful it will be extended into more locations, such as Surbiton, Fitzroy Street in Cambridge and Notting Hill shops, before rolling out on a larger scale.

More than 500 Waitrose products will be available for Deliveroo customers to choose from, including beer and wine, as well as groceries and cleaning essentials.

Customers will be able to place orders from one hour after the shop opens through to one hour before it closes.

It is designed to complement the supermarket’s two-hour home delivery service, Waitrose Rapid, which now has over 23,000 customers, a three-fold increase compared to pre-Covid. Additionally, Waitrose.com provides online access to a full-shop range and now offers over 160,000 weekly slots, compared to 60,000 before the pandemic, with plans underway to increase capacity to 250,000 weekly slots.

Customers can find out more about how they will be able to order Waitrose food on Deliveroo at Waitrose.com/deliveroo from Saturday August 29, ahead of the launch on September 1, 2020.

James Bailey, Executive Director for Waitrose, said: “We have laid down a marker for our future strategy with the growth of Waitrose.com and Waitrose Rapid and this gives us another opportunity to give our customers a taste of what the future of convenience shopping could look like for us. Our trial with Deliveroo has huge potential to give new and existing customers greater choice and flexibility for when and how they want to shop with Waitrose.”

Ajay Lakhani, Vice President of New Business, Deliveroo said: “Deliveroo’s on-demand grocery services have proven vital for so many people during this difficult period, allowing families to get the items they want and need quickly without having to leave home. This new partnership will bring Waitrose’s fantastic product range to people in as little as 30 minutes. We are excited about working with such a brilliant British brand, bringing people the food they need and want, on-demand.”