The founders of super-premium tequila Vivir have launched El Sueno, a new Mixto Tequila that is designed to be affordable, high quality, sustainable and ideal for mixing.

The drink has been specifically crafted to go perfectly in long drinks and cocktails such as Margaritas, tequila & tonic and tequila & ginger ale.

It is available in two expressions, Silver and Gold.

The inspiration came to founders Paul Hayes and Nav Grewal when, having worked with agave for more than 16 years in Mexico, they couldn’t understand why the most affordable tequila in the UK was of such poor quality, in their opinions.

El Sueno is made at the same distillery as Vivir, which has a history of five generations of growers and distillers.

Hayes said: “More and more brands hide behind the 100% agave badge while using questionable production methods and very unsustainable agave. This is greatly damaging both the industry and farmers’ livelihoods in Mexico. We want to directly counteract this with El Sueno, which is very sustainable and at a great entry-level price point.”

The 38% abv El Sueno Silver Tequila delivers “a delightfully smooth, floral and citrussy finish.” The producer said it is “super smooth” by itself but also groes well in margaritas and with tonics.

El Sueno Gold Tequila is rested for up to two months in oak casks, which brings a hint of sweeter caramel and vanilla notes. Its tasting notes include pineapple, caramel and pepper.

Both variants are available in 50cl (rsp: £16) and 70cl (rsp: £21).  

The brand is launching into the off-trade now with listings in both Sainsbury’s and Tesco.