Vinexpo has teamed up with global event organiser Comexposium to become the world’s leading organiser of events dedicated to wines and spirits.

The joint venture, which gives both parties an equal stake in the business, will benefit from the international reach of wine and spirits fair Vinexpo and from Comexposium, the world’s third largest events organiser.

The news follows the announcement back in May 2019 when Vinexpo Holding and Comexposium announced that their two events Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris, would be held at the same venue in Paris.

From February 10 to 12, 2020, the event will run as a joint project to attract national and international buyers. The new partnership takes this a step further by creating a new entity with a “strong and broad offer”, with events geared to the three main market segments: bulk wines; entry-level to premium wines and spirits; and super-premium to luxury wines and spirits.

The new business will boast an initial portfolio of ten events: Vinexpo (Bordeaux, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York); as well as the Vinexpo Explorer events from Vinexpo Holding, Wine Paris (Vinisud/ Vinovision Paris), World Wine Meetings and World Bulk Wine Exhibition (Amsterdam and Asia) from Comexposium. The business will look to add new events in the future.

Vinexpo Holding chief executive, Rodolphe Lameyse, said: “By bringing our skills and expertise closer together, the professionals in the wine and spirits sector will have a key partner for their business development, able to support them year-round and throughout the world.”

Comexposium division director, Laurent Noel, said: “This alliance will strengthen the international strategy of Comexposium in wines and spirits and will create value for all stakeholders, with bellwether events and an increasing presence throughout the world.”

Vinexpo was established in Bordeaux in 1981 and it currently runs exhibitions in five set locations. Every year the Group also publishes the Vinexpo/ IWSR Report, a comprehensive survey on the global consumption of wine and spirits.

Comexposium is a leading global events organiser and it currently hosts more than 135 B2B and B2BC events across many different sectors, significantly in agriculture, construction, fashion, food, health, leisure, real estate, retail, security, students, tourism and works council. It runs events in more than 30 countries.