Villa Maria is inviting consumers across the global to watch the feature-length documentary Vintage as a celebration of International Sauvignon Blanc Day on May 1st.

The producer is sharing the newly-launched film, free of charge, for 72 hours only. It will be available between 1pm on April 30 to 1pm on Monday May 4, where it can be streamed via 

Vintage offers a glimpse behind the scenes of making wine, exploring the challenges, skill and dedication required to bring a wine vintage from grape to bottle. Winemakers and viticulturists Stu Dudley, Nick Picone, Jess Marston and Ollie Powrie provide personal narratives in the film.

Speaking about the documentary, author and wine expert Oz Clarke MBE, said: “Vintage is a tremendous watch. New Zealand’s vineyards have rarely looked more alluring.

“The winery processes seem challenging and intriguing and are explained in an easy, lucid style, and the bunch of local Kiwis and foreign drop-ins the director has assembled to talk us through the 40 days from picking the first grape to closing down the final vat, are an engaging crew who tell us really interesting, personal stuff. The photographic direction is exciting, unpredictable and electric.”

Vintage by Villa Maria is also available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime.