Villa Maria is launching a “virtual vineyard” app that allows wine lovers to discover more about New Zealand’s wine regions.

The app uses a combination of augmented reality, photography and videos to educate and inform customers. It includes 360-degree views of the vineyards and allows customers to watch additional harvest videos.

The Kiwi producer is promoting the launch with stickers on bottles of its Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014 offering shoppers the chance to win a case of wine.

Stocks will hit shelves in August and a QR coder will take consumers to a webpage where they can download the app and enter the competition.

 Sir George Fistonich, founder of Villa Maria, said: “Being a leader in innovation our virtual vineyard is a great way for people to visit us without having to travel thousands of miles.”

The free app is also available through the iTunes store and Goodle Play

Fiona Mottershaw, Villa Maria brand manager at UK distributor Hatch Mansfield, said: “We know that an increasing number of our customers are interested in the traceability of products and this app is a fantastic way for them to virtually visit the vineyards and learn more about the wine’s origin. As the first of its kind, we hope it will help educate fans.”