The University of Lincoln has expressed disappointment over the news that a nearby supermarket has been granted a 24 hour license to sell alcohol, despite submitting a “significant objection” when a proposal to change the license was initially made. 

Sammi Storey, president of the Executive Committee of the University of Lincoln’s Student Union, which represents 14,000 students, told OLN that the university felt students would be blamed for any antisocial behaviour related to late night drinking, whether they were to blame or not. The move also went against the university’s commitment to encouraging safe drinking.

She said: “As a team of elected Student Leaders we must also consider that students have an unfair and unfounded reputation for causing unrest in the city; we feel it would be unfair to potentially open the door to criticising students further regarding this issue, especially when the likelihood is that, regardless of whether or not students are to blame, the spotlight will fall on them.”

She noted also that in its own venues, the University pays “significant attention to encouraging safe drinking” and it has a staff team committed to “encouraging young people to drinking in no more than moderation”. The University has won two Best Bar None Gold Awards for its work in this area, she added.

The Morrisons petrol station on Tritton Road has been given the go ahead to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, despite objections from the University and from the police, but the City of Lincoln authority has said the supermarket will have to meet certain conditions.

They said the site must be monitored to ensure it remains primarily a petrol station, rather than a grocery store which sells petrol. It must also have CCTV and a panic alarm fitted, and two staff need to work at the petrol station at all times during the late opening hours. The store also needs a refusal log which can be accessed by the police.