Southampton-based Unity Brewing has updated the pack designs for its range of craft beers.

The company said the move had been undertaken after “a long and in-depth reflection” of its culture and values.

Unity’s range includes Conflux pale ale, Collision IPA and Prinzen lager.

Designer Matt Canning said: “Continuing on from the soft 1980s/1990s nostalgic aesthetic we currently had for the core beers, we wanted to make the beer names part of the artwork rather than the artwork focus being just a background image with text overlaid – and importantly to really hone in what Unity is all about.

“I think what we’ve ended up with marries well with the can contents – soft, friendly and delicious.”

Canning has produced artwork for the brewery for the past two-and-a-half years including designs for its May Provisions side project and collaborations with breweries including Left Handed Giant.

Founder and head brewer Jimmy Hatherley said: “I am so proud of the journey our business has taken over the past four years, and I have always strived to build upon and improve every aspect of the brewery, from our recipes, to the service in our taproom and, of course, how our beer is presented in the market.

“Matt Canning is an integral part of our team, and his work is key to communicating who we are as a company.

“Beer is unique in bringing people together as a result of bringing ingredients together.

“We produce modern craft beer to make people feel good, united and satisfied.

“Our approach combines innovation and creativity with a focus on people and developing for the future in a spirit of positivity.”

The new designs will be rolled out from the February 10.